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Online shopping website design is the form of ecommerce which allows customers to directly buy goods or services from a merchant over the internet using online services and a web browser. Online shopping is also generally termed as e-shop or an e-store with virtual store. An online shopping website evokes an analogy of buying products or services at any shopping center, which we term as business to business. With the growth of online shopping website usage it rose a new era of wealth of footprint coverage for the e-stores.

Why shopping website design with NCrypted?

Your shopping website design is important for your success in ecommerce industry. Without an innovative and attractive design your customers would get bored with your business. If users find it difficult to navigate, then they would get bore surfing through your shopping website design and at last end getting nothing on hand, so simple and highly featured websites are more preferred than the complex structure. Your shopping website should ensure to users a bets shopping experience. The best shopping website should be user friendly and persuasive.

Second most important factor navigation of your site, that it should provide users easy to navigate facility. It is very easy for the visitors to find different avenue to meet their need, so if design is simple and highly featured than users base would grow rapidly. Reason we urge on easy navigation is that when they surf around the site, they add the items to their shopping cart. Payment navigation should be easy and quick. The most important reason is customers buy online is ease of convenience. If we don't provide them the convenience then chances of losing customers increases.

Call to Action

It is a very good phrase that means providing this design along with the balanced action followed by it. For e.g. a 'buy now' button along with the products, so after the convincing information is provided users can click on button and get directly the product. Then page can be re-directed to payment or it can be re-directed to shopping page to add more items. In this manner the call to every action should be managed to engage user and to make the site more interactive. NCrypted's online shopping website design provides you with all the features as been mentioned above along with few special features as follows:

Features of Shopping Website Design

  • Single-check out

    User can add many products to one cart. User once enters into the site by logging in. Once he selects the product and adds it to cart, he is re-directed again to the shopping page, then he can again add product to cart. Then he can check out all the items in single-check and even can edit and remove item before he checks out the site.

  • Wish list

    In wish list a customer can add his item in-to wish list which he wants to review in future and if he even monitor product he is interested in. This helps him to get back to his interested product easily from this list.

Do I need to have programming knowledge to use shopping website designs?

No, you don't need to have programming knowledge you can easily manage shopping website design using admin panel which is easy and user-friendly to operate. Whole system can be managed from admin panel using CMS. If you have programming knowledge then it would be an added advantage to use shopping website design efficiently. Shopping website design has been developed in such a manner that a common user from a non-technical background can use it with ease.

Programming and Technology Used

Shopping website design is developed in PHP 5 with MySQL. High emphasize is given to JS, JQuery, Ajax, JSON and table less (DIV based) HTML design so to make sure that the shopping website design script site UI design is Web 2.0 and world-class.

Great! How do I get started?

NCrypted has a readymade solution for shopping website design script - Buy It Now. For Custom Development - Just submit your requirement using our Request for Proposal (RFP)/Quote form with details pertaining to your shopping website design project requirement. An executive from NCrypted® will get in touch with you within a day.

SEO Services

Our specialised SEO services are designed to boost up your startup. Digital marketing is an essential element for the growth of online shopping business. We have developed On Page and Off Page SEO services that can improve the search engine visibility, and also help driving genuine traffic to your shopping website. 

Mobile Friendly Design 

Our shopping website design is 100% responsive made with NCrypted's mobile-ready framework. Your shopping website will be easy to use from all mobile devices, which is good from the user point of view as well as SEO. As people are turning to mobile devices, mobile-friendliness is a required feature for any website. You shopping business will thrive with our lighting fast mobile-friendly designs. 

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